Our clients’ culture

Troy Corporate Attorneys deals with companies, ambitious entrepreneurs, senior-level individuals moving between employers … our clients are people who appreciate the way Troy Corporate Attorneys’ lawyers strike a clear path to well-defined objectives. We know the importance of proving our value to our clients every time we provide them with advice or a service. And for us, value lies not just in the outstanding quality of our work, but in fee levels that make sense for our clients’ business and fee structures that are consistent and transparent.

Partner-led teams

In every instance, our clients can expect consistent access to the partners of our firm, who lead agile, responsive teams of experts, united by a shared ethos and a powerful sense of purpose.

The personal touch

Troy Corporate Attorneys functions on a human scale. We work closely and flexibly with our colleagues, favouring open communication and productive collaboration within teams and across teams – this enhances our speed and efficiency in providing clients with the answers they need. Nothing is seen in isolation: we know that each project we undertake contributes to your business and to the building and strengthening of professional relationships.

Global expertise

From its base in Arusha, Troy Corporate Attorneys has built a substantial international reputation and has accumulated a wealth of experience in overcoming the complexities of cross-border and cross-jurisdictional activity. Since we are independent, and not confined to a formal network of international partners, we can hand-pick trusted local lawyers whose expertise precisely fits each client’s needs.