We are highly specialized in assisting both local and international investors incorporate companies in the country. In addition to offering legal advice on the process and viability of incorporating companies in the country we also facilitate the registration of companies; acquisition of a tax clearance certificate and a business licenses and other permits as the nature of the business will require. We also serve as company secretaries, undertake due diligence prior to the signing of big commercial contracts, facilitate general compliance matters as well as matters related to winding up, bankruptcy, Initial Public Offer (IPO), company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.


Our areas of practice extend to litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADR) such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration which provide our clients with a sure- two footed approach in relation to all types of disputes. We understand that most clients, whether commercial or private, would prefer to resolve a dispute without resorting to litigation, and at minimum expense. With this in mind, we endeavor to assist our clients make informed decisions and settle their disputes no matter how complex and intricate the situation is.


We provide tax related services such as tax investigation, auditing, compliance and dispute settlement. We aim at assisting our clients to proactively manage all tax related matters at the earliest possible opportunity so that their business flourishes without recurring tax liabilities. We also offer tax advisory services to our clients and keep them updated with tax regime and legislation.


We deliver practical solutions and advise community and commercial banks as well as financial institutions on regulatory issues, loan securities and restructuring, debt recovery, finance acquisition, insolvency as well as interbank and cross border commercial transactions. We represent a number of banking and financial services beneficiaries/clients who are business enterprises and high-net worth individuals.


We advise public companies with respect to the securities law aspects of acquisitions, including stock and cash transactions, and related listing requirements with the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange. We also offer legal advice on public offerings and stock exchanges and represent entities that issue securities to raise capital as well as security holders seeking to sell their securities.

Our services in this area of practice include assisting insurance and reinsurance companies comply with the regulatory requirements. We also provide legal opinions on insurance claims and liabilities, as well as litigate and facilitate the settlement of insurance claims. We receive a high level of referrals from professional intermediaries, accountants, assessors, brokers to forensic auditors, accountants, specialist brokers and expert underwriters and assessors.


Central to the development of many businesses is the acquisition of land as a means of production. In this in mind, the firm has put together a conveyance and real estate team that assists our clients throughout the property life cycle which includes acquisition, ownership and sale; property development; and real estate project management and financing. We have acted for our clients on the sale of high value residential and commercial properties and have provided advice to both Borrowers and Lenders on secured lending transactions.


Our firm is upbeat in facilitating companies and investors interested in venturing in oil and gas exploration and extraction industry, mining, and energy production. Services rendered include facilitating the acquisition of mining and oil and gas blocks; registration and acquisition of licenses and permits; negotiation, drafting and review of contracts. The firms close working relations with government entities, and specialized firms of experts puts us in an advantageous position to serve our clients’ needs efficiently and within a practical time frame.


The industry poses a lot of challenging situations to investors and property developers necessitating the need for top notch legal advice and services that our firm is well positioned to offer. Services rendered covers construction contracts, -related legal disputes, workplace injuries and accidents, construction defects, acquisition of planning and building permits, occupation health and safety as well as compliance with environmental laws.


Intellectual property protection is part and parcel of our corporate law practice where we serve innovators, creators, or owners, of patents, trademarks or copyrighted works by ensuring that they benefit from their own work or investment in a creation and innovation. We assist and facilitate the registration of patents, trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs and defend against any unlawful infringement against such rights.


The Tanzania Immigration law is a fast-paced, ever changing area of the law with an increasingly complex myriad of regulations often being introduced and amended. Despite the circumstances, we strive to provide timely and authoritative advice, solutions and interventions whenever called upon by our clients be individuals, non-governmental organizations or corporate entities. We also facilitate our clients with the acquisition and renewal of work and resident permits.


Employees are a valuable assets and the ever-changing employment law means it is vitally important that employers stay abreast of any changes and understand fully their impacts. We therefore recognize the need for timely commercial advice and solutions to employment law and labor relation issues. We provide a value-for-money services to companies, senior executives and individuals on all contentious and non-contentious employment and labor relation matters.


We offer family law Services covering areas such as pre-nuptial agreements, paternity determination and legal advice on international and local marriages. We also represent clients in divorce and separation proceedings and provide legal advice and prepare agreements on property declarations and intervivos deeds. We also handle adoption and custody matters.


Tourism, wildlife and hospitality services are highly regulated in Tanzania necessitating the need for proper legal consultation before one invests in this industry. Our firm provides timely solutions through the acquisition of hunting blocks and permits, tour operator permits, filming rights permits, and hotel certification.


The services offered include natural resource management, advisory on compliance with environmental laws and regulations, acquisitions of permits and licenses including environmental impact assessments certificates. We also provide consultation and facilitation of carbon trading.


Based on a client’s inquiry, we offer consultancy and advisory services to both local and foreign investors, agencies, commercial and residential developer East African on Community. Services offered include business assurance, risk undertakings, debt restructuring, contractual issues, company formation and non-governmental organizations undertakings.


As part of our corporate services we also facilitate mergers, splits, and acquisition and re organization of companies. The services offered include tax and due diligence, legal structuring of transaction, post transaction integration services, regulatory compliance, transfer precising and asset management.